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When taking first time clients in my studio, the most common concern is a shampoo that's not working well enough to cleanse there hair. But it's usually not the shampoo, it the way the client uses the shampoo. I'll go through a few  easy steps on shampooing your scalp and hair.  Why Aesop gentle shampoo? A couple of things- the owner is Greek Australian like myself, he was a hairstylist and I love his attention to detail.  As former client of mine we shared many things in common, and especially loving everything white and gentle scalp cleanser being our favorite shampoo filled with botanicals, aromas, and essential oils delighting the most demanding curator of perfume's. Step one:  use no more than a quarter size, pour shampoo into your palm making sure to work it in your hands before you apply it on your scalp. The amount used is never determined by the length of your hair. Step two:  use a circular motion through out the scalp working the temples crown and the nape. Ri…